Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Star Wars: My Response

OK, so I just saw "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" with my family and it left me flat. I'm sorry to break from the crowd but I have been watching this series since 1977 and this one was so filled with logic gaps, unexplainable behaviors, predictability, impossibly bad shooting (keep it up, stormtroopers!), merchandising tie-ins and plot-distracting easy-outs that I was detached the whole time. The only character that reached me, oddly enough, was Max Von Sydow. Good acting, great effects, good music, that was it. I didn't even feel nostalgic.

Sorry, guys. Congrats, Disney. Great effort, exceptional marketing, making tons of money. A good popcorn flick.


  1. Lester, I have to agree with you. The movie lacked continuity. How did this scavenger lady manage to get the Millennial Falcon up and running in five minutes after being out of commission for years? How did it happen to be fully fueled and armed? How did she know how to fly it, and how did the storm trooper know how to operate the turret? (Admittedly, I asked the same question about Luke when I saw Star Wars the first time.)

    It was a rollicking good time, but I think I liked A New Hope better, and definitely preferred The Empire Strikes Back.

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