Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Book Released: The Christmas Orange

I have just finished writing, illustrating, designing, and self-publishing my first book, "The Christmas Orange." It is an inspirational story book.

Please check it out and let me know your feelings. I have already gotten some very positive reviews for it. Signed copies are available by contacting me. Thanks very much, and merry Christmas!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter to My Son

I sent this letter to Ben, our son serving as a missionary for the LDS (Mormon) Church in Guatemala, and felt you folks might be interested. He is now in his 6th month.


My sister and I at Disneyworld.
Your mother and I are back from a great week in Florida. We toured the adult way, visiting family, sleeping in, taking our time, seeing shows while avoiding roller coasters, relaxing during meals and having encouraging conversations with total strangers, and talking together about the many opportunities and blessings in life. We enjoyed an airboat ride and a stunt car show and a horse show and leisurely shopping and nostalgia rides and the weather. We talked a lot about children and parents and the future, and much about God. We had joint prayers and daily gospel study, and I added eight pages to my journal. And we exchanged lots and lots of hugs. Altogether, it was a great time.

Isaac has been told that he is going to get a black shirt in the Marines, a great honor, something he is excited about. He is doing very well and is very eager to ship out for basic training. One friend has returned from basic, and Thomas comes back this Saturday. Isaac is glad to see them and to be able to pick up many tips about the intense training, but it frustrates him that he hasn't shipped out yet.

Your last letter was very heartening. It signaled a possible turnaround within you, which we hope brings you much peace. We also hope it brings you much joy and enthusiasm, and that this change grows. We pray that it leads to answers to all your questions, and that your enthusiasm becomes infectious and irrepressible.

And most of all, we pray that it brings you a powerful, deep, permanent and growing relationship with God through the Holy Ghost. Become a master in that relationship, Ben, a very experienced expert in feeling the subtle and deep and powerful promptings of that spirit. Follow those promptings fearlessly and with much faith. That will permanently change your life and will powerfully affect the lives of others, including your future family.

God bless you in the things you do. You are doing a hard work. God bless you to succeed, to feel good about your efforts, and to have joy.

We love you, Ben. I love you.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Double Eagle

My wife is now the proud mother of two Eagle Scouts. Ben (on the left) is now serving a mission for the LDS Church in Guatemala, while Isaac (on the right) is waiting to be called into boot camp for the U.S. Marines. And Mom, long involved in Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts and now a Boy Scout Unit Commissioner, is very proud of them both. Dad is, too!