Monday, February 4, 2013

I’ve just released Welltower: Second Run, the second book in the Welltower series, to the publishers today. I should have the first proof copy in my hand within a week and will sell the book in Kindle and paperback formats soon after the reviews come back.

The Welltower books are young adult science fiction thrillers for our time with an uplifting message. Here is the description for Second Run:

Kaehl and Selda have found healing, happiness, and new friends in the utopian land of Alizon, guardian of Welltower’s secrets. They have also found new foundations for their lives and a desire to give back.

But all is not as it seems. Alizon has its enemies, too, and once more the brother and sister team must descend into the depths of Welltower to solve its deadly mysteries. Torn apart by their new missions, they quickly find themselves mired in the moral and physical decay of their dying city.

Traveling separate paths, they find new strength and abilities as they battle the Tower’s corrupt elite, racing for their lives against disease and unexpected disaster in the looking-glass world called Welltower.

Lester Yocum’s books, including “The Christmas Orange” and "Welltower: First Run" are available on Amazon. For more details, see my website.