Friday, December 24, 2010

Another Year at the Maryland Yocum House

A year of accomplishments and firsts.

Les (now 602 years old) joined the tech firm that for years he had been freelancing into but continues producing paintings in his spare time at home. He had several small gallery shows and taught classes in logo design and oil painting. He mingled with top-flight artists at Illuxcon and renovated his online

gallery. He now works with older gentlemen in the local church after 5 years of teaching religion to high school students every morning before school (kudos to those awesome students!).

Tam (now 29, again) continues to keep us all sane and on track while also continuing to inspire and motivate teachers of 1-12 year old children in several local churches. She has now passed 10 years of service at Doc-Side Veterinary Center in Baltimore and is highly respected there as well. She gets better looking all the time and still has her high school figure, unlike her husband, whose high school figure disappeared centuries ago. She also continues to enjoy her horse Runwish as well as our pack of smaller critters at home. She shepherded Isaac into finishing his Eagle Scout requirements and remains our muchly-loved earthly root and core and center.

Lindsay (a beautiful 23) also continues her work at Doc-Side (year 9) and is highly valued there. She is responsible for the rats and guinea pigs taking up much space in her room while also taking horse lessons and maintaining her love of drawing and playing the computer. She is also still into fantasy characters, art, and games.

Ben (19 and the tallest person in the house, so far) finished his sophomore year at Brigham Young University, continuing his run of stellar grades. He is home now, working and getting ready for his mission to Guatemala City North. He leaves for the Provo, Utah language training center on February 23, 2011 for two years of no girls, no TV, no movies, no partying, learning Spanish, all to tell folks about Jesus Christ. A marvelous young man.

Isaac (17 and trying hard to become the tallest person in the house) got his first vehicle, a 1997 Ford Ranger, from a family friend. It looks and runs great and is the ideal first vehicle for a young man. He is a senior in high school now and searching with Mom for the ideal automotive or avionics school to start at next year. He is also continuing his paper routes (four of them!) and working at a self-service automotive repair shop. He worked hard to plan, organize, and execute everything needed to clean a badly overrun cemetery, which was his Eagle project. Thanks to his willingness, Tammy is very much looking forward to putting another "I’m proud of my Eagle Scouts" (emphasis on the final “s”) bumper sticker on her car.

Our family friend Sasha (now 23) returned in July from her mission to Brazil and jumped right into employment and college. She is studying art, photography, film, and anything else she can get her hands onto and is looking to expand her Portuguese language skills. She is trying hard to not become too Yocumified while also adding joy and opportunities to our household. In her busy social life she labors to control her steady tide of handsome male suitors.

Yes, it's been a great year. We are very blessed. Thank you much for your love and patience. May you prosper much in the holidays and in the coming year.

- Les, Tammy, Lindsay, Ben, Isaac, Sasha, Princess, Oreo, Runwish, Hershey, Carmel, Remy, and Mo.

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